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PANDEM Deliverables

PANDEM-2 builds upon key insights and lessons learned in previous EU-funded project, the original PANDEM.

Pandemic Risk and Emergency Management, PANDEM (Grant Agreement number: 652868), was a Coordination and Support action funded by the Horizon 2020 Secure Societies Programme. (H2020-DRS-2014/2015) The aim of the PANDEM project was to identify innovative concepts to strengthen capacity-building for pandemic risk and emergency management in the EU.


The deliverables from PANDEM can be viewed here:

D2.1 PANDEM Threat analysis & Scenarios

D2.2 PANDEM Risk Assessment and Surveillance

D2.3 PANDEM Diagnostic Technologies

D3.1 PANDEM Stakeholder analysis

D3.2 PANDEM Global & EU Initiatives and research projects

D3.3 PANDEM Communications

D4.1 PANDEM Policy and Legal Frameworks Report

D4.2 PANDEM Ethics and Human Rights

D4.3 Pandemic Governance

D5.1 PANDEM Workshop Report

D5.2 Integrated Gap Analysis

D5.4 Research and Training

D6.1 Demonstration concepts

D6.2 Roadmap and Implementation Plan

D7.2 PANDEM Dissemination Activities