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Institutul Național de Sănătate Publică România / National Institute of Public Health Romania (INSP/NIPH)

Brief Biography of Organisation:

The National Institute of Public Health Romania(NIPH), is a public institution existing since 2009, having juridical personality and being subordinated to the Ministry of Health.

Some of its important aims are the prevention, surveillance and control of communicable diseases, health monitoring, health promotion, development of public health regulations, ensuring public health management, and development of specific public health services.

In order to achieve the above-mentioned aims, NIPH exercises general duties. Among these, some of the most important are:

  • To ensure the technical and methodological guidance of the public health network.
  • Participates in developing strategies and policies in particular areas of competence.
  • Elaborates draft normative acts, norms, methodologies and instructions regarding the specific fields of public health.
  • Oversees the state of the population’s health, communicable and non-communicable diseases, to identify community health problems.
  • Ensure the epidemiological surveillance system, as well as the early warning and response system, and participate in the exchange of information within the European epidemiological surveillance network on communicable diseases.
  • Participates in conducting the field epidemiological investigations, on its own initiative, at the request of the Ministry of Health or of local public health authorities.
  • Collects, analyzes and disseminates statistical data on public health.
  • Ensures the existence of an integrated information system for public health management.
  • Coordinates preventive public health programmes, including the National Vaccination Programme and the National Priority Communicable Diseases Surveillance and Control Programme.

There are 3 national centers and 6 regional ones, with no juridical personality.

One of the 3 national centers is the National Centre for Surveillance and Control of Communicable Diseases, further named NCSCCD. The main objective here is the prevention, surveillance and control of communicable diseases.

The NCSCCD is the National Coordinating Competence Body for Communicable Diseases in relation with ECDC.

In the NIPH structure there is also the National Focal Point for IHR-2005 and the National Focal Point for EWRS-Alternate.

Role Organisation will play within project:


Experience in:

  • pandemics (2009-2010 and 2020-2021) – surveillance and risk assessments;
  • pandemic preparedness (draft of the national Pandemic Preparedness Plan – updated in 2020);

Influenza and SARI surveillance;

  • Experience in managing national databases and alerts related to communicable diseases;
  • Participation in 7 projects related to this topic;
  • Experience in working together with European/global institutions (ECDC, WHO) and colleagues from other countries, as NFPs/OCPs/experts

NIPH will work across a number of Work Packages providing their expert guidance.


Bucarest, Romania