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Trilateral Research

Brief Biography of Organisation:

Trilateral Research is a UK and IE-based enterprise, founded in 2004. It specialises in applied research and the provision of policy, regulatory and certification advice and recommendations for new technologies, processes, policies and systems. We take a rigorous and responsible approach to research and development, underpinned by an emphasis on privacy and security by design in research, data science, and technology development. Our research impacts a variety of disciplines, all focused on enhancing societal well-being, including (but not limited to) security and human rights, crisis and disaster management, and responsible digital transformation.

Trilateral has a long record of successful project involvement in European and international projects, including those on crisis and disaster management. This includes EU projects on pandemic crisis management and COVID-19 (e.g., STAMINA, COVINFORM), crisis management standardisation (e.g., STRATEGY, ResiStand), disaster preparedness (e.g., TACTIC), and the role of data gathering and information management for effective crisis management (e.g., IN-PREP) and on tenders related to the use of social media analysis tools for preparedness (e.g., PREP1, Comparative Review of Social Media Analysis Tools for Preparedness).

Role Organisation will play within project:

Trilateral manages research ethics and data protection issues within PANDEM-2. Trilateral examines the social, ethical and legal issues in pandemic planning and response to ensure the project takes a responsible research and innovation approach.  Trilateral is also responsible for assessing the ethical,  privacy, and social impacts of PANDEM-2 solutions, and for considering what measures are needed to mitigate any negative impact.  Drawing on Trilateral’s expertise in risk communication, they also contribute to the work on pandemic communication.

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London, United Kingdom

Waterford, Ireland