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Brief Biography of Organisation:

Epiconcept is a SME specializing in epidemiology, development of information and communication tools for public health and capacity building in information technology (IT)  and epidemiology.

Based in Paris, it is composed of a team of medical doctors, epidemiologists, data scientists, and IT specialists (approximately 70 people).

For 25 years, Epiconcept has contributed to the improvement of Public Health programmes.

Epiconcept delivers software and services in the following areas:

  • Software for managing public health programmes,
  • Secure cloud solutions for health data collection, reporting and processing,
  • Laboratory Information and Management System,
  • Implementation of research projects to measure vaccine effectiveness and impact,
  • Services in the field of epidemiology (long-term and short-term consultancies, protocols, analyses, training, etc.)
  • Data analysis,
  • Consultancy, coaching and assistance for public health programmes,
  • Training (short face-to-face modules, field epidemiology training programmes, etc.).

To achieve such goals, Epiconcept is a certified research organisation, a certified data centre for hosting personal and medical data and a certified training company.

Its current partners are institutions and organisations in charge of Public Health programmes: WHO, ECDC, MOH, Public Health Institutes, Global Fund, NGOs, Foundations, etc.

Role Organisation will play within project:

Bringing double Epi-IT expertise, Epiconcept will lead Work Package 2 – Surveillance . WP2 focuses on the specific objective of identifying, compiling, and normalising multi-source pandemic-related data into a coherent pandemic-management database, which requires substantial public health domain knowledge and IT competence. Epiconcept will also bring analytical tools to produce indicators.

Epiconcept will also contribute to other work packages:

  • Work Package 3 – Situational awareness: work with Clarisoft to define the data model for PANDEM-2
  • Work Package 3 – Demonstration, training and networking
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25, rue Titon, 75011 Paris, France