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Blog Series: In Conversation with Gheorghe-Aurel Pacurar of Clarisoft

PANDEM-2 Master (45)

In the following blog post, we speak with Gheorghe-Aurel Pacurar, who is Agile Project Manager of Implementation at Clarisoft. He provides an overview of the tool his team are creating as part of the PANDEM-2 project.


Thanks for speaking to us today, Gheorghe. Could you start by introducing yourself and telling us where you are based?

I am Gheorghe-Aurel Pacurar and I work with Clarisoft. We are a team of software development specialists located in Bucharest, Romania. Our agile team members cover all specific software development processes roles involved into the development of PANDEM-2 prototype module identified officially as “The Dashboard”. Clarisoft is a Modus Create company (Modus Create | Consulting and Product Development Partner).


What is the name and purpose of the tool you are creating as part of the project?

The aim of our tool is to display, in a professional manner in terms of UX/IU, all data imported from different external sources.


Can you tell us about how the tool works, what it contains and how it will exist beyond the end of the project?

The “Dashboard” is a user interacting interface with the implemented functions of the PANDEM-2 prototype. The Dashboard is web-based, available online on multiple specialised servers. We currently have servers up and running that are specialised in different phases of the agile software development process:

  • The testing server, where daily we deploy new implementations of required functions
  • The beta or demo server, where we are deploying every three weeks a new, tested and integrated version
  • The real-data server, where we prepare the final delivery prototype
  • The Functional Exercise (FX) server where we prepare our FX exercise.

At the end of our project all the artifacts we created for this prototype will be available following the open-source regulations, saved on the GitHub versioning system.


What is the biggest challenge for pandemic managers, in your area of expertise and how will this tool respond to that?

We tried to exploit the previous experience of pandemic managers by using their day-by-day devices in analysing, reporting and deciding. We adapted and created our prototype, based on the latest technologies, with a high usable and intuitive manner.


How will the tool you’re developing benefit wider society?

Our tool will offer (for the first time in the EU) a centralized, real time-based status of the whole dimensions of appearance, evolution and simulations, captured and based on interest data. Society will be safer in any future pandemic situation.


Who is the intended audience?

Our intended audience are the end users or any person that wants or should interact with the PANDEM-2 prototype.


Did you encounter any challenges in its creation and if so, what were they and how did you overcome them?

We were always under the pressure of time and milestones because we had to integrate a multitude of data, designs and different business-specific pandemic areas. We were successful in understanding, learning and implementing all of these with the fantastic help of all our partners in PANDEM-2.


What made this a unique research experience?

The heterogeneous structure of the different areas of business involved in the project scope, the necessity of a multidimensional evolution of the prototype in a synchronized manner and the continuous integration and accommodation of information.


How does this research feed into the project?

Our research was the result of multiple teams’ integration and collaboration, involving all other colleagues working within other packages.


Anything else to add?

We hope that all future implementations based on our created prototype will make the pandemic situation easier for all people.


Thank you Gheorghe! – Team Pandem-2