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PANDEM-2 IT Tools Training and Evaluation

The PANDEM-2 development team will host a series of IT tool training and evaluation events in February 2023. The training sessions will help the PANDEM-2 end-users to understand the outcomes of the technical work completed to date by the project’s consortium over the past year including the development of the PANDEM-2 IT tools for supporting pandemic management. The project’s end-users consist of public health experts, data experts and pandemic managers from across Europe.

The series will host three training events with each focusing on two specific tools:




Training Session #1

Multiparametric Simulator Tool

Generating realistic data for variants and other pandemic indicators for functional exercises

PANDEM-2 Dashboard

Explore the PANDEM-2 dashboard using the Covid-19 use case

Training Session #2

Modelling Tool

Learning, from a simulated environment, the likely consequences of strategic decisions aimed at mitigating the damage caused by infectious diseases and their impact on hospital resources management

PANDEM-Source Tool

Collecting real-time surveillance data from traditional and non-traditional public data sources into a coherent database

Training Session #3

Social Media Analysis Tool

Using the social media analysis tool for facilitating two-way communication in a pandemic response

Throughout the sessions, end-users will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the tools which will help define a roadmap for future developments as we prepare for the final phase of the project. The expertise and advise of the PANDEM-2 end-users will ensure that the project’s tools will be designed to work with the key audiences they are designed for by adapting to their first-hand experiences and needs.

Stay tuned through our website, social media and newsletter to learn more about the progress of the project’s tools and the outcomes of this training series.