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PANDEM-2: Irish Times Article

PANDEM-2 was recently mentioned in an article in Irish national newspaper, the Irish Times. Journalist Harry McGee outlined the inquiry into the Irish state’s management and response to the Covid-19 pandemic that will be set up this year. Providing an overview of Ireland’s response to date, the article highlights the academic research work of PANDEM-2:

“Academic work has been conducted in Ireland on preparedness for future pandemics, mostly through the EU-wide PANDEM 2 project, co-ordinated by Prof Máire Connolly of the University of Galway.

The project is developing IT systems to improve the EU’s preparedness and response to future pandemics, including pandemic management systems to prepare for a wide variety of pandemic scenarios and responses.”

Ireland’s Prime Minister, Mr. Leo Varadkar said that the goal of the state investigation is to help prepare for future pandemics:

“It’s going to be about getting to the truths, understanding what happened. What we did well, what we did badly, what could have been done better, because we can’t assume that this is going to be the last big pandemic in our lifetime.”

PANDEM-2 is delighted to see the continued research into improving pandemic preparedness in Ireland and across Europe, ensuring that the valuable lessons we have recently learned are used for better preparedness, management, information sharing and overall response.

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