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PSCE Conference 2022

Two doctors in PPE

PANDEM-2 recently participated in this year’s PSCE Conferenence (Public Safety Communication Europe) which took place in the University of Salzburg, Austria. Kicked off by the Governor of Salzburg, the event covered 5 different topics related to PPDR domain which were covered by various high-level speakers. These topics included:

  • Cross border cooperation
  • 6G for public safety communications
  • Operational mobility
  • Facing future pandemics
  • Use of robots in public safety operations

Followed by a practical demonstration tying the topics together. Under the umbrella of ‘Facing Future Pandemics’, PANDEM-2 partner, Benjamin Kaluza from German research institute, Fraunhofer gave a detailed presentation outlining the valuable pandemic communications tools and training materials that the project is producing. Underpinned by a state-of-the art analysis on the gaps in pandemic communication, under this the presentation is divided into four key headings: trust, misinformation/disinformation, commercial lessons and practical application.

You can view the presentation in full here. 

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