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Project Plenary Meeting: Tuesday 11th January

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The 4th PANDEM-2 plenary meeting took place on Tuesday 11th January 2022 led by project coordinator Prof. Máire Connolly from the National University of Ireland Galway. The meeting was attended by the consortium’s 19 partner organisations from across Europe and members of the PANDEM-2 Advisory Board, including representatives from the WHO and American Red Cross.

Marking the halfway point in the 2-year project, the afternoon delivered a reflective as well as a progressive discussion. Partners presented various developments, insights and challenges within their respective work packages. From this, some highlights from the project’s activity over the last three months include the development of a prototype dashboard designed by partners Clarisoft. The dashboard covers critical pandemic data including case numbers, hospitalisation and death rates. Additionally, all deliverables due in Year 1 were submitted in full and on time and included novel developments in data sourcing as well as a comprehensive analysis of pandemic communications.

Looking ahead to Year 2, partners outlined their plans for delivering the next phase of the project and look forward to bringing its key concepts to life.