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Horizon Magazine Q&A: Future Pandemics are inevitable, but we can reduce their risk

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PANDEM-2 coordinator, Prof. Máire Connolly recently spoke to Jonathan Smith from Horizon (The EU Research and Innovation Magazine) on the possibility of future pandemics but also, what we can do to help reduce their risk of emerging.

Explaining why we’re under threat of another pandemic, Máire says that “The most likely scenario for the next pandemic is a new strain of influenza like the H7N9 “bird flu” virus, or a newly identified virus such as another novel coronavirus”. However, drawing on her expertise in health security, disease surveillance, and emerging infectious diseases, Prof. Connolly talks about how we can guard against the next pandemic through effective preparedness that aims to protect the health of citizens and animals alike.

Better preparedness and response is a leading goal of the PANDEM-2 project which will incorporate lessons learned during the current COVID-19 pandemic and integrate international best practice into the areas of modelling, simulations, pandemic communications, contact tracing and training. Effectively, it will help pandemic managers in public health agencies, first responders, laboratory technicians and hospital managers by supporting critical decision-making through the availability of novel data analytics and ultimately, benefit EU citizens by reducing the impact of future pandemics.

Read the full article here.

Watch the video summary here.

Featured Photo: Horizon Magazine / © Shutterstock / © Martina Regan 2021

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