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PANDEM-2 Partner NUI Galway & Medtronic Join Forces to Support Pandemic Preparedness Research


Medical device company, Medtronic has pledged to support research into ventilator supply chains and pandemic preparedness. As part of Medtronic’s ‘Giving back to Galway’ initiative which has contributed over €900,000 to local projects in Ireland, they will provide funding for a collaborative project titled ‘Pandemic preparedness: Strengthening procurement and supply chain methods for ventilators and respiratory support devices’. The project is led out by PANDEM-2 partners, NUI Galway.

The Medtronic-supported project will analyse the performance of ventilator supply chains during the current pandemic. Using learnings identified during the course of the PANDEM-2 project, it will also develop tools to enhance supply chain resilience for health emergencies to come.

Medtronic is one of the largest medical device companies in the world, with more than 90,000 employees working across 160 countries. Its products include cardiac devices, surgical robotics, insulin pumps, surgical tools and patient monitoring systems. PANDEM-2 welcomes this collaborative venture and looks forward to developing this crucial area of research for better pandemic preparedness and response

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