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October Plenary Meeting

Project Plenary Meeting: October

The second PANDEM-2 Plenary Meeting took place across the 12th and 13th of October marking nine months of the project. The meeting was attended by all of our partners, end-users as well as members of our advisory board in the WHO, ECDC, the American Red Cross and observer the Irish Defence Forces.

The consortium reflected on the past nine months of the project and outlined the next steps for bringing the project forward. Particularly for planning the project’s demonstration phase that will take place next year.

Partners presented their work, achievements and plans for the coming months. Opening with an introduction from Prof. Máire Connolly, the presentations led to very fruitful discussions around the development of the PANDEM-2 IT solution, pandemic communications, scenario testing and various challenges such as misinformation.

Stay tuned for the coming months of the project and expect to hear more about our EU-wide dashboard for pandemic response, resources, innovation and training and guidelines for pandemic communication.