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Rebuilding resilient health systems for Europe


The COVID-19 pandemic has put global public health and innovation on centre stage and revealed their indispensable role as gatekeepers of a healthy society. The health systems of all countries are strained by the pandemic, and a significant overhaul is required for most health systems to adapt and innovate under the pressures of the pandemic, and in light of the overarching climate change threat to health security.

Against this backdrop, The Lancet Regional Health – Europe has published a Series of eleven papers by experts from different areas of public health, global health, ethics, economic policies, laws, and regulatory bodies. The Series takes a multi-layered approach to lay out the fundamental pillars around which health systems in Europe are formed, changes that were made during the pandemic, and the new foundations that must be built in order to make European health systems more resilient.

You can view the full article here.