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How likely is the next pandemic?

Prof. Máire Connolly, PANDEM-2 project coordinator spoke with Brian Hutton from the Irish national newspaper, The Irish Times and separately on the Irish national radio show, Morning Ireland. She discussed the strong possibility of the next pandemic and what PANDEM-2 is doing to improve our preparedness for it.

The Irish Times article discusses the importance of bringing the lessons learned over the last 18 months into our preparation and response to future pandemics. It also mentions how PANDEM-2 will provide an EU-wide prototype system for better pandemic management by 2023. This will involve complex IT systems and innovative data analytics solutions that will allow the EU and its member states to respond quickly and effectively to the next pandemic, whenever it might arise. The points made on the Morning Ireland interview emphasise this by outlining the sources of a pandemic and the importance of the PANDEM-2 outputs in response to this.

Both pieces were followed by various Irish news articles, you can read all of these below.

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