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End-User Workshops

PANDEM-2 kicked off in February 2021 and since then our valued end-users have been providing guidance to our experts from NUI Galway, Epiconcept and Clarisoft in order to develop an extensible dashboard for pandemic preparedness training and response execution.

At the most fundamental level, PANDEM-2 plans to enable and implement the sharing of information across stakeholder organisations. This will greatly enhance risk assessment, preparedness and response, across borders and among different stakeholder organisations. An output of PANDEM-2 is a prototype IT system, or dashboard, that will act as a ‘one stop shop’ for those planning for and responding to pandemics. The dashboard will support existing emergency frameworks and provide innovative tools to assess healthcare systems and workforce readiness, to improve pandemic preparedness, and to explore possible scenarios and outcomes of different types of pandemic.


Throughout the first months of the PANDEM-2 project, end-user partners from across Europe participated in a number of workshops and have provided important feedback to define the technical user requirements for the project, such as the structure, usability, feature range, and output of the dashboard. These end-users stem from a range of backgrounds, from hospital workers, first responders and public health agencies. All of the information gained from our end-user will add to the usability and flexibility of the dashboard.

These workshops have been run primarily by Jim Duggan of NUI Galway, Bodgan Bocura, Clarisoft Technologies and Alexis Sentis, Epiconcept.